ebXML and UBL



UBL: Another Opportunity for FOSS in the Enterprise

To know more about the UBL standard and how FOSS programmers may add support for it in office applications, starting with OpenOffice.org, Linux Journal talked to Jon Bosak, chairman of the UBL Technical Committee, and Lars Oppermann, software engineer for the framework and XML projects in StarOffice/OpenOffice.org. By Marco Fioretti on April 21, 2005


OASIS Technical Committees - UBL Naming and Design Rules

The purpose of the NDR SC is to recommend to the TC rules and guidelines for normative-form schema design, instance design, and markup naming, and write and maintain documentation of these rules and guidelines.


ebMS v2.0 spec

The OASIS ebXML Message Service Specification v2.0. OASIS Standard from 2002.

OASIS ebXML Messaging Services TC

OASIS ebMS Technical Committee: Defining the transport, routing and packaging of e-business transactions.

Sending an unmistakeable message

An e-business messaging protocol that is helping enterprises migrate from EDI to XML could become an essential ingredient of web services infrastructure. Here, ebXML and ebMS become interesting.

UBL: A Lingua Franca for Common Business Information

The Universal Business Language ( UBL) is a language for capturing business information for use in integrating business systems and sharing data with trading partners. Dale Waldt, xml.com. April 28, 2004.

Denmark On Board With OASIS's UBL

The Danish National XML Committee has formally adopted an early version of the OASIS Universal Business Language (UBL) as a standard for e-Commerce in the public sector. Following a 30-day public hearing, the Danish XML Committee decided to use UBL 0.7 to enable integration between systems controlled by state authorities and a newly implemented portal for public procurement. 28 January 2004, ebizQ.