XForms 1.1

The XForms Working Group has released an updated Working Draft of XForms 1.1. Designed to refine and strengthen the XML processing platform introduced by XForms 1.0, version 1.1 adds several submission capabilities, a more powerful action processing facility, the ability to manipulate data arbitrarily and to access event context information, and adds numerous helpful data types, utility functions, user interface improvements, and action event handlers.

Understanding XForms: Customization

"To date, one of the things that I can generally say about the XForms examples that I have been producing is that they are, well, kind of dull. Not necessarily topically - I’ve found in general that when I give XForms demonstrations to people, they tend to be fairly ho-hum about it until I actually begin to show the power of such schema driven development … then their jaws drop. However, as with video games, while it may be the game play fundamentals (good story, good interface, good tech) that keeps people playing, its the artwork (usually of extraordinarily endowed CGI women, for some bizarre reason) that makes them buy the game in the first place. Neglecting presentation in XForms won’t kill your app, but you can do so much more with it if you dress it up a bit."


Perfect Partner for Web Services: Getting to Know XForms

Find out about XForms and why they are the perfect partner for Web Services. By Craig Caulfield, Mar. 6, 2006


Traditional HTML Web forms don't separate the purpose from the presentation of a form. XForms, in contrast, are comprised of separate sections that describe what the form does, and how the form looks.

XML.com: XForms and Microsoft InfoPath

XML.com: InfoPath is an application and XForms is a data format, so they can't directly be compared. It is possible, on the other hand, to compare the data format and processing model underlying InfoPath with XForms, which is the approach this article takes.

O'Reilly-book: XForms Essentials

Official Author's page for the O'Reilly book XForms Essentials by Micah Dubinko. The book is online, free.

Ten Favorite XForms Engines

The author of O'Reilly's XForms Essentials describes ten software packages that implement the W3C's XForms specification, seen as the XML-friendly successor to HTML forms. From XML.com, Sep. 10, 2003.

The XForms Validator (beta)

An online validator for XForms hosted, in multiple languages, by the XForms Institute.

XForms - the next generation of Web forms

XForms is W3C's name for a specification of Web forms that can be used with a wide variety of platforms including desktop computers, hand helds, information appliances, and even paper. XForms started life as a subgroup of the HTML Working Group, but has now been spun off as an independent Activity.

XForms 1.0

W3C Recommendation 14 October 2003

XForms Institute: Interactive W3C XForms Tutorial

An interactive tutorial on W3C XForms and related technology.