Liquid XML Studio

Liquid XML Studio is a comprehensive XML Development environment, comprising a set of editors and XML tools designed for developing XML solutions.

XML Database Products

The number of products for using XML with databases is growing with amazing speed - new products seem to enter the market weekly. In this Web page, Ronald Bourret has tried to capture the current state of the market, gathered from Web sites, product reviews, XML webzines, XML resource guides, and email from product users and developers.


XML tutorials for how to create XML Bars (menus).


a powerful, yet simple to use, XML editor for Windows 95/98/NT. Shareware: 39,- Euro (= US$ 45.-), 20 day free evaluation period.

XML Software Guide

Guide to software currently available for XML: editors, parsers, database support, APIs, and special-purpose software.

XED: An XML document instance editor

XED is a text editor for XML document instances. It is designed to support hand-authoring of small-to-medium size XML documents, and is optimised for keyboard input. It works very hard to ensure that you cannot produce a non-well-formed document. Although it neither parses DTDs in detail nor validates, it does keep track of your document structure, and provides context-based accelerators to make element and attribute entry fast and easy.

XML Pro v.1.0

Helping to bring XML authoring to the masses is Vervet Logic's XML Pro, a visual XML-authoring tool that doesn't force users to hand code. An intuitive interface that allows users to create valid, well-formed XML documents.