Tip: Make your CGI scripts available via XML-RPC

For a large class of CGI scripts, it is both easy and useful to provide an alternate XML-RPC interface to the same calculation or lookup. If you do this, other developers can quickly utilize the information you provide within their own larger applications. This tip shows you how.

The Incutio XML-RPC Library for PHP

The Incutio XML-RPC library (IXR) is designed primarily for ease of use. It incorporates both client and server classes, and is designed to hide as much of the workings of XML-RPC from the user as possible. A key feature of the library is automatic type conversion from PHP types to XML-RPC types and vice versa. This should enable developers to write web services with very little knowledge of the underlying XML-RPC standard.

XML-RPC and the Need to Cash In

Sacrilegious = "Grossly irreverent toward what is or is held to be sacred". That's what Morbus Iff was in the syndication ygroup. The debate that followed was interesting.


UsefulInc has developed prototype XML-RPC client and server classes for PHP. You can find them here. Also hosting a PHP XML-RPC interest mailing list.