Network Technology


Thinking Beyond Today's Definition of Virtualization

In "my letters I am building a stack of technologies that can help enterprises reduce data center costs, improve hardware utilization, and increase application availability and performance. In recent letters, we discussed how Sun's CMT processor can shrink data center requirements, how open source and OpenSolaris can improve security and application performance, and how open source middleware can help companies get the most out of legacy investments. In this issue, I am going to take a step or two back down the stack to discuss a hot topic for today's enterprises — virtualization."


DSC CRM Software and Predictive Dialers

Database Systems Corp. provides call center software products including predictive dialer, IVR services, ACD systems, CRM software, CTI software, and voice broadcasting systems and service.


EasyIVR Voice Mail Broadcasting and IVR Software

Manage your own 800 number IVR and voice broadcasting phone campaigns online. Register for service and download phone lists and wav files from the internet - monitor results with reporting system.


Network theory's new math

Some are born connected, others achieve connection, still others have connectedness thrust upon them. Everyone is networked. Everyone is either a node or a hub in someone else's network. Much as the quality of life is influenced by the quality of our networks, our standard of living is increasingly determined by network standards. To paraphrase Marshall McLuhan, we shape our networks and then our networks shape us.


Highly Available LDAP

This article describes one method of creating a reliable authentication server cluster. Using a Linux-based OpenLDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) server to provide authentication services that can be subscribed to by various applications.


Newbie Administration

The page has info for newbie admins with user guides, screen shots,product reviews,tips tricks, how to succeed, funny IS stories and license agreements


Multi Protocol Label Switching Forum

Multi Protocol Label Switching Forum (MPLS) is a key development in Internet technologies that will assist in traffic engineering, providing traffic with different qualitiative and quantitative services (CoS) and (QoS), and IP based virtual private networks (VPN'S).


The MPLS Resource Center - Resources for Multiprotocol Label Switching

The MPLS Resource Center provides a clearinghouse of information for the IETF's Multiprotocol Label Switching Standard. The forum is also the home of the MPLS FAQ.