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IBM Watson IoT and the digital twin. Industry 4.0.

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a long time coming, but as with so many software and cloud-driven markets today, the curve from hand-waving to pervasive adoption is set to be remarkably steep. Network-driven markets increasingly tend to be pretty close to winner takes all (think Google in Search, Apple in phones, Facebook in social, Snapchat in dogear-driven Augmented Reality) which makes timing and effective, community-driven execution all the more important. Which brings us to IBM. Wait. What? IBM? OK bear with me here.
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The fourth industrial revolution: a primer on Artificial Intelligence (AI)

From Amazon and Facebook to Google and Microsoft, leaders of the worlds most influential technology firms are highlighting their enthusiasm for Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what is AI? Why is it important? And why now? While there is growing interest in AI, the field is understood mainly by specialists. Our goal for this primer is to make this important field accessible to a broader audience.
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The reality of artificial intelligence in 2016

Executives predict that in 2016 artificial intelligence will assume a very important role in enterprise technology, but except for a few enterprises, artificial intelligence still seems to be a thing of the future.
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Calum Chace (2015)
Surviving AI: The promise and peril of artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is our most powerful technology, and in the coming decades it will change everything in our lives. If we get it right it will make humans almost godlike. If we get it wrong... well, extinction is not the worst possible outcome. Surviving AI is a concise, easy-to-read guide to what's coming, taking you through technological unemployment (the economic singularity) and the possible creation of a superintelligence (the technological singularity).
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A.L.I.C.E. AI Foundation

Promoting the adoption and development of Alicebot and AIML free software.
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General information about infobots.
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Bots have been with us for over thirty years and Eliza and Shallow Red personally welcome you to BotSpotĀ® - The Spot for all Bots and Intelligent Agents on the Net
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