Dublin Core


An XML Encoding of Simple Dublin Core Metadata

The Dublin Core Metadata Element Set V1.1 (DCMES) can be represented in many syntax formats. This document explains how to encode the DCMES in XML, provides a DTD to validate the documents and describes a method to link them from web pages.

Dublin Core in the Wild

A recent Dublin Core Metadata Initiative meeting provided an opportunity to discover more about Dublin Core and to explore its relationship with RSS.

Dublin Core: Building Blocks for the Semantic Web

You may have heard of the Dublin Core metadata element set before, but who is behind it, and what do they want to achieve? The leaders of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative explain what they do and where they're headed.

A Grammar of Dublin Core

An excellent Dublin Core Made Simple by Thomas Baker.

Dublin Core Generator

This service will retrieve a Web page and automatically generate Dublin Core metadata, either as HTML META tags or as RDF/XML, suitable for embedding in the HEAD section of the page, or for storing in a database.

The State of the Dublin Core Metadata Initiative April 1999

What is going on in the DC community? Find out here.