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2017 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Enterprise Architecture Tools

In this report, Gartner analysts Samantha Searle and Marc Kerremans evaluated 11 companies that provide Enterprise Architecture (EA) solutions, and positioned them in four quadrants: leaders, visionaries, challengers, and niche players. The report describes the current state of the market for EA tools and goes into detail about each vendor’s positioning.

David Naranjo, Mario Snchez, Jorge Villalobos (2015)

Evaluating the capabilities of Enterprise Architecture modeling tools for Visual Analysis

By: . In model analysis activities, it is critical to make early statements and diagnosis from a high level of abstraction. Currently, these tasks are difficult to perform, and they require both the involvement of experts and the elaboration of specialized artifacts. Furthermore, the complexity of the tasks increases as models become bigger and more detailed. In other contexts, it has been noticed that total / holistic / unfiltered visualizations may give insight about the models, providing analysts a starting point for exploration and general pattern discovery. In this paper, we evaluate the support that six different Enterprise Architecture (EA) modeling tools offer to EA analysis activities, and assess the strengths and weaknesses of six visualization frameworks, in order to extend the analysis of enterprise models by Visual Analysis. The evaluation is based on a set of 14 requirements which are either visualization-related or specific to EA analysis, and its results were harvested from a) observed characteristics of the diagrams of these tools, and b) visualizations from an enterprise model, generated with the aforementioned visualization frameworks. These results point to several actionable subjects and research opportunities for the field of EA Modeling and Analysis.



The Dragon1 Software Company develops and markets enterprise software worldwide to design, communicate and report enterprise architecture combined with management information. Dragon1 EA Tool is a Cloud / web based EA Tool for creating visual architecture products (such as A0 sized blueprint posters, design books) mainly to support decision-making by Board and management. Dragon1 is an EA Tool to be used not only by architects, but also by Business, IT and information managers, information analysts, process designers, consultants, program - and project managers, service managers and project workers. Dragon1 consists of six web applications (Resource Center, Architecture Repository, Visual Designer, Models Atlas, Catalog and Application Manager). Dragon1 is suitable for LMEs and SMEs, and is Framework/Method-independent. AOffcourse it is optimized for working with the open Dragon1 EA Method, But you can use it excellent for working with Togaf, ArchiMate, BPMN, UML, Lean, Business Canvas Model etc… because of specialized Content Packages. Dragon1 can be used with Safari, Google Chrome, IE8, IE9 and Firefox. In IE8 the tool makes use of VML, in all the other browsers SVG is used as open vector graphics language. It is recommend to use the tool in a SVG-compliant for interoperability purposes and graphics performance. Dragon1 can be used as SaaS, IaaS and PaaS in the Cloud. You can have a your own Dragon1-database on the web or at your own premises to use with the tool. You can create active links from and to data in your own local database in the Dragon1 EA Tool.


The Essential Project

The goal of The Essential Project is to promote the value that enterprise architecture can bring to organisations of all sizes and experience by lowering barriers to entry with a free, simple, productive and, most importantly, effective set of supporting tools. The Essential Project is the collective name for a set of open source, enterprise architecture support tools that have been developed for use in conjunction with a variety of Enterprise Architecture approaches and frameworks. The reason for the name is that these tools are focused solely on providing only those capabilities that are "essential" to maximising the value of enterprise architecture; helping organisations manage and analyse the knowledge needed to make decisions that impact or are impacted by the enterprise architecture. More specifically, the components that currently comprise the Essential Project are: The Essential Meta-Model, a framework-independent set of semantic definitions for knowledge related to the building blocks and relationships of an enterprise. The Essential Architecture Manager, a knowledge repository and reporting tool for capturing and then querying information based on the Essential Meta-Model.



alfabet enables companies to strategically plan and manage their IT to realize business goals. Its planningIT software is unique in tightly coupling business priorities and IT deliverables with current and future initiatives. Competitive point solutions offer modeling or repository functions with a static view of priorities, architecture and infrastructure. alfabet provides a holistic, integrated and collaborative approach that offers continuous transparency into how IT and business information, processes and roles are changing and need to be managed over time.


EVA (Enterprise Value Architect) Net-modeler

PROMIS Solutions develops and delivers EVA (Enterprise Value Architect) Net-modeler, an innovative, web-based and collaborative product, widely known by its previous brand name Archi. EVA Netmodeler was sold, in North America, as EA WebModeler.



MooD combines the ability to build architectures, define and manage change programmes, increase performance and create business intelligence solutions - all based on a common Enterprise Business Model.


Avolution ABACUS

ABACUS is a tool for modelling, understanding, and analysing complex enterprises across people, process and technology. Using patented technology, ABACUS analyses the trade-offs between multiple architectures and helps enterprises achieve the optimal roadmap prior to investment.


Sparx Enterprise Architect

Sparx Enterprise Architect combines the power of the latest UML 2.1 specification with a high performance, intuitive interface, to bring advanced modeling to the desktop, and to the complete development and implementation team. With a great feature set and unsurpassed value for money, EA can outfit your whole team, including analysts, testers, project managers, quality control staff, deployment team and more, for a fraction of the cost of some competing products.



MEGA International delivers tools and methods for business process excellence and enterprise architecture. The company combines methodologies, modeling software, and consulting to deliver a complete enterprise architecture modeling solution. MEGA offers comprehensive metamodel functionality, a strong repository, and good life-cycle management. Based on an Enterprise Repository that encompasses both business and IT architecture views, the MEGA Modeling Suite provides a simple and powerful Enterprise Architecture solution for driving change.


Troux Technologies

Powered by a unified, contextual information view of technologies, people and processes across the enterprise as well as modeling, analytics and reporting tools, Troux Transformation Platform and product suite provide Enterprise Architects with a comprehensive set of out-of-the-box tools to build and manage a breakthrough platform for enterprise architecture, business alignment and strategic planning initiatives.


MIT Process Handbook

MIT Sloan's repository for business process models.



Adaptive provides a web based and industry standard compliant Enterprise Knowledge Repository and related "Adaptations" to support Enterprise Architecture for large organizations and governments around the world and to address specific management challenges such as Business Process Management and IT Portfolio Management.



QualiWare's enterprise architecture product QualiWare EA Suite, includes strategy development and documentation functions, organization management, process architecture support, information architecture support, policy/rule/regulation support, service oriented architecture, technology and infrastructure architecture and application architecture. All of this information must be coherent, related in the proper contexts, and possess a level of consistency across the multiple layers or levels of detail, if the overall enterprise architecture is to make sense and be of value to the business. QualiWare Lifecycle Manager product enables companies across many differing industries to design and execute high quality business processes, to support IT development and management, and to establish and execute quality management processes. Customer journey mapping, enterprise investment, Archimate-support, and much more in the Version 6 release 2015.


Visible Systems

Visible Analyst - "Strategic Planning, Data Modeling, UML Modeling, and Process Modeling In a Single Tool"