EA ontologies


Archimate EA metamodel

ArchiMate is a modelling technique ("language") for describing enterprise architectures. It presents a clear set of concepts within and relationships between architecture domains, and offers a simple and uniform structure for describing the contents of these domains.

Enterprise Business Motivation Model

A business motivation model is a conceptual information model that demonstrates how the efforts of the business are, or are not, aligned to its goals. Producing and delivering reports that illustrate this alignment supports highly mature decision-making. But before we can collect data to produce these reports, the structure for data must be developed. Existing models are not sufficient to serve these needs. This paper outlines a new structure that can be used to model a wide array of business motivations in context with the structure and activities of the business. Adopting this structure can support an effort toward greater enterprise architecture maturity.

The FEA Reference Model Ontologies (FEA RMO) Version 1.1

A white paper on the Federal Reference Ontology Models

DoD Ontology

DoD Enterprise Architecture Reference Model